Look alikes Shyla Haze and Amanda Seals

On the left is Shyla Haze and on the right is Amanda Seals.

Shyla Haze is a American adult film actress. She is known for doing straight, bi-sexual and lesbian scenes.

Amanda Seales was born Amanda Ingrid Seales on July 1, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an actress, known for Cop and ½ (1993), Freedomland (2006) and Beef 4 (2007). One of her nicknames is “Diva”. She is the host of “Hip Hop Countdown” on MTV2. Amanda Seales is a Smart, black, funny, comedian/host/DJ. As an undergrad at SUNY Purchase she designed her own major. She’s kept the world laughing on over 25 VH1 clip show specials and weekly on “Best Week Ever”. She’s written, produced and starred in 4 one-woman shows, Mo Betta Wu: Jazz from the 36 Chambers (’14), It’s Complicated: Hilarious Answers to Serious Questions about Love (’13), Death of the Diva (’12) & Musical People: How Music Moves the Black Experience (’03), in New York City. A DJ and former MTV VJ she is a hip hop expert and music connoisseur. She has 58k+ twitter followers and almost as many opinions. Amanda Seales is well connected and well respected for being an intellectual, candid, and hilarious comedian, culture critic, and entertainer. A one of a kind renaissance woman, with a Master’s in African American studies w/ a concentration in Hip Hop from Columbia University, Amanda has built a global following as a charismatic host, gifted speaker, engaging performer, and prolific creative for using humor, wit, honesty, music, and media to create quality content across multiple platforms of web, television, and stage that provide social commentary and opinion leadership from the Black/female perspective. Her stand-up and her acclaimed blog/web show, “Things I Learned this Week” exemplify that, taking on all things politics and pop culture the latter with the tag line “They make the news. WE make it funny”! Fearless and electric, along with her own projects, she is a mainstay speaking/blogging on politics, pop culture, and everything in between for major outlets VH1, HLN, CNN, MTV, BET, AOL, Huffington Post, and more. Just like she did in college, Amanda Seales has created her own niche. A proud Black, hip-hop loving, pop culture consuming, socially conscious comedienne and entertainer she is a force of nature keeping audiences and readers riveted by keeping it funny while keeping it real. She is affiliated with VH1, MTV and DivaWorks Inc.

Shyla Haze and Amanda Seals are famous people who look alike. There facial expressions the same. They like to smile a lot they have the same skin texture and same smile and type of eyes.

Three black men who look like twins

On the left is Eric Patrick, in the centre (middle) is Matt Kemp and on the right is TJ Holmes.

Eric Patrick appeared on MTV’s the Real World: New Orleans, he is also a stand-up comedian Eric Patrick is a wildly charismatic and energetic entertainer. His good friends are Courtney Fearrington, Lafayette Wright, and Mike Eltringham. Eric Patrick holds a job at the State Department, traveling the globe briefing foreign service personnel on American policy. Eric Patrick`s true passion is comedy, and he’s already made significant progress in his career, performing regularly and winning several competitions.

Matthew Ryan “Matt” Kemp born September 23rd 1984 is an American professional baseball player. An outfielder, Matt Kemp plays in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Matt Kemp was drafted by the Dodgers in the sixth round of the 2003 MLB Draft. He made his MLB debut with the Dodgers in 2006. He did not become a full-time player until 2008, when he took over as the starting center fielder for the Dodgers. In 2011, Matt Kemp led the National League in runs scored (115), total bases (353), OPS+ (171), WAR (7.8), home runs (39), and runs batted in (126). Additionally, he became the first player to finish in the top two in both home runs and steals since Hank Aaron in 1963. He has been named to two All-Star teams and has won two Gold Glove Awards (2009 and 2011) and two Silver Slugger Awards (2009 and 2011). Matt Kemp once dated pop singer in 2009 which lasted briefly. Matt Kemp name is sometimes mistake for Matt Hemp.

Loutelious “T. J.” Holmes, Jr. was born August 19th 1977. He is an American journalist and national television personality. He is often known as just T.J. Holmes. He was born in West Memphis, Arkansas and is the younger of two children. After graduating from West Memphis High School, T.J. Holmes attended the University of Arkansas where he earned a degree in broadcast journalism. His family gave him the nickname “T. Jr.” He only began using the name “T. J.” when he started his professional television career. T.J. Holmes first gained national prominence as an anchor and correspondent for CNN. He spent 5 years at the network anchoring CNN Saturday & Sunday Morning. T.J. Holmes left CNN at the end of 2011 after signing a multi-platform talent deal with BET Networks. The deal included a new show on BET titled Don’t Sleep. BET and Holmes parted ways in 2013. In December 2012, Holmes became a substitute weekend anchor on MSNBC. Despite a brief return to CNN, he still appears occasionally on MSNBC. T.J. Holmes started his television career at KSNF Channel 16 in Joplin, Missouri. He drove to Joplin from the University of Arkansas campus to hand-deliver his resume and reel. He was hired on the spot. He spent less than a year at KSN as a producer, assignment reporter, and weekend anchor. T.J. Holmes moved back to his home state of Arkansas in 2000 to join CBS affiliate KTHV in Little Rock as a general assignment reporter. Within a year, he was promoted to weekend anchor. In 2003, T.J. Holmes moved on to KNTV, the NBC O&O station in the San Francisco Bay Area, to become anchor of the 5 p.m. evening news. While at KNTV, he traveled to Athens, Greece to cover the 2004 Olympics, the first Summer Games held after the September 11th attacks. While at KNTV, he covered numerous other stories that garnered national attention, including the historic recall election of California Gov. Gray Davis that resulted in the election of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger; and, the double murder trial of Scott Peterson. T.J. Holmes joined CNN as a news anchor and correspondent in October 2006. He co-anchored CNN Saturday & Sunday Morning with Betty Nguyen until March 2010 when Nguyen left for CBS. Holmes then anchored the newscast solo. At CNN, T.J. Holmes reported from the scene of numerous breaking news events, including Joplin, MO, which was devastated by multiple tornadoes in May 2011; New Orleans during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010; and, Blacksburg, VA immediately after the shootings on the campus of Virginia Tech. Holmes also anchored from Ground Zero on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. T.J. Holmes covered the historic first papal visit to the United States of Pope Benedict XIV in 2008, including anchoring live from the mass at Yankee Stadium. He secured some of the first stories from the survivors of the US Airways Flight 1549 that crash landed in the Hudson River in January 2009. He also reported from the campus of the University of Mississippi during the first presidential debate between Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama. T.J. Holmes also anchored significant news stories, including Saddam Hussein’s execution in 2006, the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India in 2008, and the terrorist attacks at the Glasgow Airport in 2007. T.J. Holmes contributed to CNN’s 2010 coverage of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and 2008 coverage of the presidential primary campaigns, both of which garnered Peabody Awards. Since December 29, 2012, T.J. Holmes has appeared on MSNBC on several occasions as a substitute anchor. He has appeared on Weekends with Alex Witt and NewsNation with Tamron Hall. Starting on June 24, 2013,T.J. Holmes made a brief return to the Turner family of networks when he anchored coverage of the George Zimmerman trial. T.J. Holmes  is a member of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta and the National Association of Black Journalists. He is also on the Chancellor’s Board of Advisors at the University of Arkansas and the Board of Visitors at Emory University in Atlanta. T.J. Holmes received the Young Alumni Award from the University of Arkansas in 2007. And, in 2011, he was named to The Root 100 List of Most Influential Black Americans. T.J. Holmes was married to Amy Ferson; the two divorced in 2007. He married his second wife, Atlanta-area attorney Marilee Fiebig on March 1, 2010 in Memphis, Tennessee. In November 2012 the couple announced they are expecting their first child in January 2013.Their daughter Sabine was born January 2013.

Eric Patrick, Matt Kemp and T.J. Holmes are celebrity triplets. They are three people who look alike. They all have hazel/light brown eyes. They all are light skinned and have similar facial features.


On the left is actor Aaron Perilo and on the right is fitness expert Scott Herman.

Aaron Perilo was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, USA on Aaron William Perilo on 30th June 1981. Aaron Perilo has been involved in local and national theatrical productions since a child. After attending Central High School, he then matriculated at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Two out of four of his other siblings, Josh Perilo and Anna Perilo, are also actors. He plays the role of Blackburn in HBO TV series True Blood. He is a recurring co-star in the fourth season.

Scott Herman is a YouTube body building fitness expertb born in Lawrence, MA on October 18, 1984. Scott Herman is 5’10” tall and weighs 170 lbs. He is a Fitness Model/Owner-Operator of Scott Herman Fitness, LLC. Scott Herman`s journey began at the young age of 12. He discovered his Dad’s old weight equipment in the basement, and that became his place of Zen. Soon after Scott Herman wanted to learn more and thus applied for his first job at a gym when he turned 14. He would then work for the same company for the next 10 years before landing a role on a hugely popular reality TV show set in Brooklyn. On the show Scott Herman pursued modeling and acting in New York City, as he had already been in several issues of Men’s Health magazine posing for the pullout posters and he even won the “Best Abs on the East Coast” contest in 2010. Currently he spends his time producing free fitness advice for his website and YouTube channel (www.YouTube.com/ScottHermanFitness). He has cultivated a devoted online following, with over 60,000 subscribers and millions of video views to date. Scott Herman has a goal to teach fitness to the world and strives to provide his fans with the best information, product recommendations and support. He is an avid user of BSN® supplements, and his passion for fitness and educating others makes him a great addition to the BSN® family. At the young age of fourteen, Scott Herman applied for his first job at Gold’s Gym in Methuen, MA. By the age of fifteen he was performing gym maintenance, running the front desk, and selling memberships. When Gold’s Gym was relocated to a new 65,000 sq. ft. facility, Scott Herman was promoted to a manager’s position. At eighteen he became a personal trainer and has been training men and women from the ages of twelve to eighty-three ever since. Before moving to Brooklyn to appear on “The Real World”, Scott Herman not only managed the fitness department and sales department for “Answer Is Fitness” located in North Attleboro, MA, but he also developed and ran a highly successful DJ company called “Galaxy DJ’s”. In addition to this work, Scott Herman attended and received his BA in Business from Merrimack College in North Andover, MA. Concurrently, he acquired his real estate and financial advising licenses. Scott Herman‘s modeling career really started to take off his senior year of college after he entered and won the Men’s Health “Iron Abs” contest in November 2007. He then began making a series of personal appearances and began traveling to New York City for castings and other events, and the more he became acquainted with the city, the more his interest in becoming a professional model/actor grew. In December 2007, Scott Herman sent his audition tape into The Real World: Brooklyn and was selected from a pool of approximately 50,000 to 70,000 applicants. He moved into the Real World house six months later and, now that filming is over, has decided to stay in Manhattan. He is excited to continue taking acting classes, go on auditions, and pursue his new career. Scott Herman is also an accomplished athlete and enjoys sports such as wrestling, soccer, running cross country, boxing and kickboxing. He spends his days going to castings, the gym, and updating his fitness website.

Aaron Perilo and Scott Herman look celebrity twins. They are white men with well sculptured bodies. They also do not carry beards or any other facial hair. They are famous people that look alike.

who does Jalen Rose look like twin

On the left is Actor Juan Pope while on the right is NBA Sports Analyst Jalen Rose.

Juan Pope was born in 1967. He is known for his work on The Crow (1994), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) and Yogi Bear (2010). He also played the roles on TV series Family Matters as Laura Winslow`s boyfriend by the name of Curtis (Curtis Williams). Juan Pope also appeared on the TV series Criminal Minds as Detective David Crowley on 1 episode, 2010.

Jalen Rose was born Jalen Anthony Rose on January 30th 1973 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Jalen Rose‘s biological father Jimmy Walker was a former #1 overall pick who started in the backcourt alongside Jerry West in the 1972 NBA All-Star Game. Jalen Rose is a retired American professional basketball player and current sports analyst with ESPN. His nickname is “The Natural” and he played Shooting Guard (SG) during his NBA career. He stands at a height 6′ 8″ (2.03 m). In college, he was a member of the University of Michigan Wolverines’ “Fab Five” along with Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson. Together they reached the 1992 and 1993 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship games as both Freshmen and Sophomores. Jalen Rose played in the NBA for six teams, most notably alongside Reggie Miller on the Indiana Pacers teams that made three consecutive Eastern Conference finals, including the 2000 NBA Finals. Jalen Rose has since became a Media figure and business man since his NBA playing days. Jalen Rose first got broadcasting experience as a courtside reporter for TNT during the 2006 playoffs after the Knicks were eliminated. Upon the Suns’ elimination from the 2007 NBA Playoffs, he became a regular commentator for ESPN giving regular insider perspective on the remaining playoff games from both a player’s and analyst’s perspective. Since 2007, Jalen Rose has worked at ESPN, first as an analyst on Sportscenter and in 2012 he became one of the hosts for NBA Countdown. Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons replaced Chris Broussard and Jon Barry. Jalen Rose has also worked on Simmons’ website Grantland.com. He hosts the Jalen Rose Report, a podcast posted on Grantland as well as YouTube, along with David Jacoby and occasionally Simmons. Jalen Rose is the owner of Three Tier Entertainment, an independent, LA based management and production company. Created in 2007, Three Tier Entertainment is heavily involved in the development of television and film projects and also manages talent including directors, actors and screenplay writers. The March 13, 2011 airing of the documentary The Fab Five, which Jalen Rose produced, sparked controversy that led to a series of media exchanges between members of the press, Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball players and Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball players in forums such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

Actor Juan Pope & NBA sports Analyst Jalen Rose are celebrity twin look alikes. These men look alike in so much ways. The only difference is Jalen Rose likes to keep a goatee while Juan Pope like his face clean shaven.

Three black actresses who look alike triplets

Susan Dalian (left), Angelle Brooks (middle/centre), and Tiffany Cambridge (right).

Susan Patterson Dalian normally simply referred to as Susan Dalian was born on September 15th 1968 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She is an American voice actress and film actress who is primarily well known among many anime fans as the voice of Haku in Naruto. She is also the voice of Storm in Wolverine and the X-Men and in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Susan Dalian is an actress who also played significant roles in the movies such as Disney’s The Kid (2000), The Brothers (2001) as BeBe and Undisputed (2002). She also had roles in the films Morning, Boxed (short film by Jen Sharpe), Dick (short film by Rufus Dorsey) and Room 6. Susan Dalian is mainly based in Los Angeles. On camera television credits include roles in 90210, Greek, Love, Inc, Courting Alex, All of Us, Joey, What I Like About You, The Bernie Mac Show, The Hughleys, The Practice, Felicity, The Pretender, Star Trek:Voyager and Party of Five. Susan Dalian‘s voiceover credits include Storm in Wolverine and The X-men as well as the voice of Storm in Marvel v.s Capcom 3 video game, Haku in Naruto, as well as the voice of Haku in the video games Naruto:Ultimate Ninja and Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, Nakinda in Ultimate Avengers II, Cimmeria Rajan in RTX Red Rock (video game). Susan Dalian won awards such asBest Ensemble-LA Weekly and Garland Awards for Medea/Macbeth/Cinderella. Her personal interests include yoga, song writing, guitar and hiking.

Angelle Brooks was born August 11th 1967 in Miami, Florida, USA. She is an American actress. She is perhaps best known for her co-starring role as Maxine de la Cruz in the series V.I.P. (1998) as well as her recurring roles as Holly Brooks on Malcolm & Eddie and as Toni Ross on The Parkers. Angelle Brooks also had acting roles in the films Blue Hill Avenue (2001) and The Brothers (2001).

Tiffany Cambridge also sometimes spelt Tiffney Cambridge is the Ex-Fiancee of rapper The Game who she refers to as Jayceon (his first name his full name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor). Tiffany Cambridge was born on July 27, 1975. She has been an elementary school 5th grade teacher and has been for 14 years. She appeared in the VH1 reality docu-series “Marrying The Game” which lasted for two seasons. Tiffany Cambridge has been in on-off relationship with Game since 2005. They have 2 children together. She has two children with her fiancé Game – a son named King Justice Taylor born April 25th 2007 & a daughter named California “Cali” Dream Taylor born August 21st 2010. Tiffany Cambridge has a sister named Maya Mellon. Both The Game (Jayceon) and Tiffney Cambridge have custody to the children.

Susan Dalian, Angelle Brooks and Tiffany Cambridge are celebrity triplets. These famous women look like twins. The hair, the eyes, the skin color and body structure do not get confused with these three African American/ black actresses. This should be able to help fans and viewers tell who is who.


John Morrison and Zach Nichols twins

On the left is John Morrison also known as Johnny Nitro while on the right is Zach Nichols reality star of MTV`s Real World San Diego.

John Morrison was born John Randall Hennigan on October 3rd 1979. He is an American professional wrestler and actor, who is best known for his work in WWE where he was better known by his ring names John Morrison and Johnny Nitro. Since leaving WWE, John Morrison has been pursuing an acting career. John Morrison entered Tough Enough III, a televised competition that would award the winner a WWE contract. He was one of the winners in the competition and assigned to their developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), to continue his wrestling training. While situated at OVW, he was placed in a tag team with Joey Mercury, and the duo won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship on one occasion. Alongside their manager Melina, the stable was called MNM. After signing with WWE, MNM was called up to the SmackDown! roster and on their debut in April 2005, John Morrison and Mercury went on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. When their third and final reign ended in May 2006, John Morrison and Melina turned on Mercury. John Morrison and Melina were let go from the SmackDown! roster and debuted on the Raw brand. During his time with the brand, John Morrison competed in singles competition and won the WWE Intercontinental Championship twice. In June 2007, John Morrison was drafted from Raw to the ECW brand. During that time, he won the vacant ECW World Championship once; John Morrison went on to headline multiple pay-per-views for WWE, occasionally in world championship contention. He formed a partnership with The Miz in late 2007, with the two capturing the WWE Tag Team Championship and the World Tag Team Championship on separate occasions. They split in April 2009, and John Morrison returned to SmackDown, where he won the Intercontinental Championship for the third time in September 2009. In November 2011, John Morrison left WWE, and began wrestling overseas and on the United States independent circuit on July 20 2014 John Morrison made he returns at battleground for vacating international championship battleroyal was throw out by his old tag team partner the miz. During his wrestling career John Hennigan was known as Johnny Nitro known for his wrestling stunts, his maneuvers, and high flying tricks. It was later in his wrestling career when he changed his name and became known as John Morrison. John Morrison stands at a height 6’0” and  weight 215 lbs. he is from Los Angeles, California. His signature Moves are the Starship Pain and The Moonlight Drive. His career highlights included Intercontinental Champion; ECW Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion.

Zach Nichols better known as Zack is a reality TV star from the Real World San Diego (2011) and MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons (2012). Zack stands at 6’3. Zach Nichols played wide receiver at Northern Michigan University, where he graduated with a degree in sports science and exercise physiology. He formerly harbored dreams of playing for the NFL, but today supplements his semi-professional football career by working at a physical therapy clinic. He competes to get women, including older women, with his two best friends, who collectively call themselves “The Goon Squad”. His pastimes include going church and firing guns at shooting ranges, the latter of which he shares with Ashley, as they spend time together during the season. He is a self-described conservative who is taken aback at meeting Sam McGinn one of his Real World San Diego housemates who is a lesbian in the premiere of the show, whose lifestyle choices are the “opposite” of his. During his time in the show develops a romantic relationship with Ashley Kelsey, who was also raised in a conservative environment. He is against the inclusion of homosexuals in the military, and in Episode 5, refuses to participate in charity work during a gay pride parade in which gay service members march. In that same episode, a rift that forms between him and Sam McGinn and Frank Sweeney (another gay caste mate of The Real World: San Diego) after Zach makes a joke alluding to gay bashing to which the latter two take offense. However he later grows closer to Frank Sweeney trying to overcome their differences and through Frank’s relationship with a man named Mike, but when that relationship ends, the rift between the two housemates resumes. He nonetheless remains close with Sam McGinn through the remainder of their stay in the house and both try to look pass their differences.

John Morrison WWE aka Johnny Nitro and Zach Nichols of Real World and The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons are celebrity twins. They wear their hair alike. Both men are just around 6 feet tall and are muscular and well built with blonde hair and no facial hair. John Morrison of the WWE and Zach Nichols of Real World are famous people who look alike.

funny people who look alike

On the left is actor Joe Pantoliano while on the right is comedian Bill Burr.

Joe Pantoliano date of birth is 12th September 1951. He was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA as Joseph Peter Pantoliano and nickname “Joe” and “Joey Pants” throughout his life. He stands at a height 5′ 9¼”. He is a professional movie and film actor. With more than 100 film, television and stage credits to his name, Joseph Peter Pantoliano is a prolific American character actor who has played many diverse and memorable roles, from Guido in Risky Business (1983) to Eddie Moscone in Midnight Run (1988), Cosmo Renfro in The Fugitive (1993), Cypher in The Matrix (1999) and Teddy in Memento (2000). Joe Pantoliano’s parents, Mary and Dominic, were first-generation Italian Americans who split when Joe Pantoliano was twelve years old (though they never officially divorced). Despite suffering from severe dyslexia that made studies difficult for him, Joe Pantoliano displayed acting talent from an early age and moved to Manhattan after high school to pursue an acting career. After four years in Manhattan that included auditions, acting classes, waiting tables and a role as Billy Bibbit in the touring production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, Joe Pantoliano moved to California to pursue television and film acting. Joe was successful in landing a number of television roles before getting his feature film debut in The Idolmaker (1980), but his true Hollywood breakthrough came with his turn opposite a 21-year-old Tom Cruise as ruthless pimp Guido in 1983’s Risky Business (1983). A wide array of TV and film roles followed that have led Joe Pantoliano to work with many of Hollywood’s brightest talents, both on-screen and off, including Richard Donner, Steven Spielberg, Andy Wachowski & Lana Wachowski, Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Christopher Nolan and many others. Winner of a primetime Emmy for his work on The Sopranos (1999), for which he also received two SAG Award nominations, Joe Pantoliano is married to former model Nancy Sheppard, with whom he has two daughters, Daniella and Isabella. Joe Pantoliano also has a son, Marco, from a previous marriage, and a step-daughter, Melody. Joe Pantoliano was married to Nancy Sheppard (18 February 1994 – present) and previously married to Morgan Kester (31 March 1979 – 23 February 1984) whom he is divorced from. Joe Pantoliano played the character of Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos, Bob Keane in La Bamba, Cypher in The Matrix, Teddy in Memento, Francis Fratelli in The Goonies, Guido “the Killer Pimp” in Risky Business, and Jennifer Tilly’s violent mobster boyfriend, Caesar, in Bound. He also played Deputy U.S. Marshal Cosmo Renfro in both The Fugitive and U.S. Marshals. He is often referred to as “Joey Pants“, because of the difficulty some people have pronouncing his Italian surname. Joe Pantoliano also played the role of Captain Howard in
Bad Boys (1995) and Bad Boys II (2003) with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith.

Bill Burr was born William “Bill” Burr on June 10th 1968 in Canton, Massachusetts, USA. He is an American stand-up comedian and actor sometimes referred to as Will Burr. He stands at a height of 5′ 10″ (1.78 m) tall. As for Bill Burr`s career and perform him as with other comics associated with The Opie & Anthony Show, in 2008, Bill Burr`s voice was featured in the game Grand Theft Auto IV. In the game, Bill Burr plays Jason Michaels of the biker gang The Lost MC in the mission “No Love Lost”. In 2009, he reprised his role in the game’s expansion pack The Lost and Damned. Bill Burr’s special Let it Go was recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco and premiered on Comedy Central on September 18, 2010. A later special, You People Are All The Same, premiered in 2012 as a Netflix exclusive.Bill Burr has been referred to as a “comedian’s comedian” by observers of the US stand-up comedy circuit, meaning a comedian whose work is followed and appreciated by fellow professional comedians. Bill Burr appeared in the movie Date Night as Detective Walsh. He has also appeared in the fourth and fifth seasons of AMC’s Breaking Bad as Patrick Kuby. Bill Burr also put in credits playing Mark Mullins as Melissa McCarthy’s brother in the 2013’s buddy cop film The Heat. Since May 2007, Bill Burr has recorded a weekly one-hour podcast, in which he speaks without reservation and off the cuff about his past and recent experiences, going on tour, and sports. It is called Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast. Occasionally, he is joined by his wife Nia Hill, depending on whether she is present in their house or not. Bill Burr also appears as a guest on other comedians’ podcasts, such as The Adam Carolla Show, Joe Rogan Experience, WTF with Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast, and Nobody Likes Onions. Bill Burr was also the very first guest on Tom Green’s podcast. On April 18, 2011, he guest hosted the Hollywood Babble-On podcast alongside Ralph Garman. Bill Burr also an actor and writer, is known for Date Night (2010), Walk of Shame (2014) and The Heat (2013). He has been married to Nia Renee Hill since October 2013. His trade marks are his red hair, his New England accent and his aggressive style of comedy. Bill Burr is the first stand-up comedian to perform on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (2009). Bill Burr is of Irish and German descent.

Joe Pantoliano & Bill Burr are Hollywood look alikes. Same facial features, practically the same height. The only main thing separating these two is their age and the fact that Joe Pantoliano likes to shave his head bald and his face clean shaven, while Bill Burr likes to carry a little of his red hair on his head and sometimes wears his beard.

Dr Ian Smith and Andrew McFarlane look alikes

On the left is Dr Ian Smith and on the right is Andrew McFarlane.

Ian K. Smith, M.D. was born July 15th 1969. He is an American physician and author best known for his appearances on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club series, The View, and as a correspondent for NBC News. He is also the host of HealthWatch which is a nationally syndicated daily news feature heard on American Urban Radio Networks. Dr. Ian Smith resides in Chicago. Ian K. Smith, M.D. is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of SHRED, THE 4 DAY DIET, THE FAT SMASH DIET and EXTREME FAT SMASH DIET. He is a co-host of “The Doctors” TV show, a medical contributor to “The Rachael Ray Show”. He is the former medical correspondent for NBC News network and for NewsChannel 4 where he filed reports for NBC’s “Nightly News” and the “Today” show as well as WNBC’s various news broadcasts. He has appeared extensively on various broadcasts including “The Oprah Show,” “Good Morning America” “CBS This Morning” “The View,” “The Talk,” “Dr. Oz,” ‘Dr. Phil,” “Anderson Cooper 360o” and “Showbiz Tonight.” He has written for various publications including Time, Newsweek, Men’s Health, and the New York Daily News, and has been featured in several other publications including, Publisher’s Weekly, Red Book, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, People, Essence, Ebony, University of Chicago Medicine on the Midway, Cosmopolitan, Women’s World, and Black Enterprise. Dr. Smith is the founder of two major national health initiatives—the 50 Million Pound Challenge and the Makeover Mile—that have helped millions of people lose weight and improve their health. A graduate of Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Dr. Smith was appointed to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition in 2010 and is serving a second term.

Andrew McFarlane was born August 3rd 1986. He is an American actor, producer and former model. He is perhaps best known for his role as Tony Jeffers on the ABC sitcom My Wife and Kids. Andrew McFarlane originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. He began modeling at age of 12, and soon began appearing in commercials and on the stage. He made his first appearance on television in 1998 on the Late Show with David Letterman and his first film appearance that year in a small role in Hot Boyz. His first notable role was the recurring character of Carver Washington on Any Day Now (1998–2000). Other recurring roles soon followed including Nick on The Amanda Show (1999–2000), Jesse Robbins (the nephew of Peter Benton) on ER (2000), and Anthony Marcus on The West Wing (2002). In 2001, Andrew McFarlane joined the main cast of My Wife and Kids in the role of Tony Jeffers, portraying the character through 2005 when the series ended. In 2008–2009, he played the role of Jason in ten episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Andrew McFarlane had a small role in the 2009 parody film Dance Flick and an upcoming role in Just Peck. In 2003, McFarlane made a few appearances on the show Lizzie McGuire. He is also known for acting in Simply Irresistible (1999) and State’s Evidence (2006).

Dr Ian Smith and Andrew McFarlane look like twins of different generations. They have the same mannerisms and characteristics to be classified as celebrity twins or famous people that look alike.


Twin look alikes Nikko Smith & Alphonso McAuley

On the right is reality star Nikko Smith better known as Nikko while on the left is actor Alphonso McAuley.

Alphonso McAuley is an American actor and director, known for Glory Road (2006), Walk of Shame (2014) and Pride (2007). Alphonso McAuley plays Cassius Sparks on Fox’s comedy television series Breaking In. Alphonso McAuley played Bucky in the Fat Albert movie. He also played Orsten Artis in the 2006 film Glory Road, based on the true story of the Texas Western Miners, and Walt in the movie/film called Pride. He went on to co-star with Tatyana Ali in the sitcom Love That Girl!. He also voiced the rooster Drake in The Lion of Judah. He is featured in the music video for Miracle by Matisyahu.

Nikko Smith better known as Nikko is a reality TV star. He is best known for being apart of the VHI reality series, “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.  Nikko Smith is also an American music producer who has a net worth of $250 thousand dollars. Nikko Smith is based in Atlanta, Georgia. He joined the cast after he started dating series cast member, Mimi Faust, halfway through Season 2. Mimi Faust is the girlfriend of Nikko Smith. Their relationship provided much drama for the series, as Nikko was often quite vocal about his dislike for Mimi Faust’s ex-boyfriend, successful producer, Stevie J. Nikko called Stevie J out during multiple interviews and questioned his ethics and business acumen.  On April 14, Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust released a hardcore sex tape which went viral.The sex tape is expected to be a major plot line in future seasons of Love & Hip Hop. Nikko Smith shares the same name as an American Idol (season 4) contestant. They are not the same person.

Lookalikes Nikko Smith (Mimi Faust boyfriend) & Alphonso McAuley almost look identical. Nikko Smith & Alphonso McAuley look alike. They can pass as twins. Nikko Smith and Alphonso McAuley are famous people that look alike.

famous Hip hop women

On the left is Mimi Faust and on the right is rapper Trina.

Mimi Faust was born Oluremi James on January 1st 1970, she is 5′ 8″ tall in height. She is a cast member of the reality television show of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Mimi Faust is also  an entrepreneur, and the long-time girlfriend of Stevie J of whom she spent a relationship with from 1997 to 2012 and has a daughter, Eva Jordan by Stevie J whose real name is Steven JordanMimi Faust is the owner/CEO of the Atlanta-based cleaning business Keep It Clean, Inc, an estate and commercial cleaning service. It is currently working on incorporating an interior design model to her services. She is also conceptualizing a children’s fashion line inspired by her daughter, Eva. At the age of 26, Mimi Faust met her father and decided to change her last name to Faust becoming Oluremi Faust.  Her mother was Olaiya Odufunke a woman that Mimi Faust claimed abandoned her after Olaiya Odufunke became a Scientologist. Mimi Faust was the girlfriend of Stevie J who was once one of most popular and successful producers in hip hop, having worked with artists like P Diddy, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z. Stevie J, a Grammy award winning recording producer, produced Notorious BIG’s entire second album “Life After Death”. Mimi Faust is estimated to have net worth of $1.5 million. She started dating Nikko Smith in September of 2013 after her relationship with Stevie J. On April 14th 2013 Mimi Faust and her singer-songwriter boyfriend Nikko released a hardcore sex tape that quickly went viral.The company Vivid Entertainment released her sex tape. Vivid Entertainment was the same company responsible for releasing Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape.Mimi Faust and Nikko were paid a large some of money for their video allegedly between $100,000 to a few million. Her name is often misspell Mimi Fraust. She obtain her nickname from her first name Oluremi. The ending of her first name was taken and doubled and coined into the nickname Mimi. The name Oluremi given to people, often are given the nicknames Mimi or Remi.

Female Rapper Trina was born Katrina Laverne Taylor on December 3rd 1978. She is better known by her stage name Trina. Trina is an American rapper and model from Miami, Florida. Trina first gained notoriety in 1998 with her appearance on Trick Daddy’s second studio album www.thug.com on the single “Nann Nigga”. Since then, she has released five moderately successful studio albums. XXL Magazine calls her “the most consistent female rapper of all time”. Source Magazine celebrated Trina’s career for the 2012 Women’s History month. In 2013, Complex Magazine ranked “Pull Over” #27 in their Top 50 Best Rap Songs by Women. Trina is of Dominican descent on her father’s side; her mother is of Bahamian descent. Trina’s parents were separated while she was growing up. She lived in Liberty City and in Pembroke Isle, Florida. She attended Miami Northwestern Senior High School. As for her music career in her spare time, rapper Trina wrote rhymes, which caught the attention of Miami rapper Trick Daddy whom then approached her in 1998 to be featured on his song “Nann Nigga”. The song was later released as the lead single from his second studio album, www.thug.com, which was released in September 1998. The single later became a hit as it reached number sixty-two on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number three on the Rap Songs chart. Thanks to the success of the single, Trina gained popularity and signed a record deal with Slip-n-Slide Records with distribution from Atlantic Records. Trina subsequently began work on her debut album. In an interview for Crusade magazine online, Trina commented that on this album, much of the work was done for her; she did not have creative control, but simply delivered lyrics. “Everybody was like we got this beat, we got this, we got that, we want you to get in there and write to this track, write to this song, write to this topic.” On March 21, 2000, Trina’s debut album Da Baddest Bitch was released. The album debuted at number thirty-three on the US Billboard 200 and number eleven on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Da Baddest Bitch was certified Gold in November 2000 by the RIAA. It stayed on the Billboard 200 chart for twenty-nine weeks and on the Hip-Hop/R&B album chart for forty-nine consecutive weeks. The album was preceded by the lead single “Da Baddest Bitch” in February 2000. The single failed to chart on any chart but the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, on which it reached number sixty-four. The second and final single from the album, “Pull Over”, was released in June 2000 and became a mild hit as it reached number ninety-three on the Hot 100, number forty-six on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and number forty-one on the Rap Songs chart. Trina dated Rapper Lil Wayne on-and-off from early 2005 to the summer of 2007. On October 5, 2005, during an interview with Wendy Williams, Trina confirmed that she and Wayne were happy and engaged to be married. Trina later became pregnant by Wayne, but suffered a miscarriage. The couple also have each others name tattooed on them. Trina has “Wayne” on her wrist, and Lil Wayne has “Trina” spelled out on his ring finger. Trina’s songs “Single Again”, “Here We Go”, “Don’t Go”, “So Many Memories”, “Way I felt, and “All Alone” are all about the relationship. Trina Dated NBA Star Kenyon Martin from 2007-2010. He had her lips tattooed on his neck. In mid-2013 it was reported that, Trina was in an on-again, off-again relationship with rapper French Montana. Trina started the Diamond Doll Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps younger girls with their life struggles. The organization is also in partner with the Florida Entertainment Summit to organize the Jingle Bell Toy Drive in an effort to bring joy to children in the South Florida area. Rapper Trina is known for her provocative and revealing clothing and her raunchy and explicit lyrics.

Rapper Trina and reality star Mimi Faust are famous women who look alike. These two women seem both to have a freaky sexual side to them. These women have similar looks and a similar personality. They seem to be very sexual celebrity women.