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Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to comment on posts or articles?
  • -In order to comment on posts or articles you must first login into your facebook, twitter, google or disqus account. If you do not have one create one by going to their website and signing up.

  • How to suggest celebrities or famous people that look alike to our website?
  • – In order to suggest celebrities or famous people that look alike, you will have to email us at or go to our contact page and fill out all the required fields and submit the information.

  • How to fill out the contact form?
  • – To use our contact form enter your name, email address, subject and the message. You can attach a file by clicking ‘browse’ and selecting the appropriate file from you drive or device. You can tick (check) the box that says ‘send me a copy’ in order for a copy of the message to be sent to your email. After that you will notice some maths (mathematics) or arithmetic in words and numbers to calculate. This is use to help us prevent spammers. You simply enter the correct answer in the missing field then click ‘submit’.