Actresses Heather Graham look likes Marley Shelton

actress that look like Marley Shelton

On the left is  Marley Shelton while on the right is Heather Graham.

Marley Shelton grew up in Eagle Rock, California. She was born Marley Eve Sheltonon April 12th 1974. She was Born and raised in Los Angeles. Her father, Christopher Shelton, worked as a director and producer. She has sisters named Erin Shelton and Samantha Shelton who are also an actresses. Both of her parents were involved in local theater projects. She went to Eagle Rock High School where she was a varsity cheerleader, was voted Prom Queen and held part-time jobs at stores like Contempo and Wet Seal. Marley Shelton attended UCLA where she majored in Film and Theatre. Marley Shelton first captured the attention of filmgoers as “Margaret”, Tobey Maguire’s love interest, in New Line’s critically acclaimed film Pleasantville (1998) and has continued to appear in roles that show her versatility as an actress. She is currently the female lead, “Rachel Young”, in Jerry Bruckheimer’s Eleventh Hour (2008) on CBS Primetime. Marley Shelton made her feature debut in Grand Canyon (1991). Since then, she has starred in numerous box office hits including The Sandlot (1993) as Wendy, Trojan War (1997) as Brooke, Never Been Kissed (1999), The Bachelor (1999), Valentine (2001), Sugar & Spice (2001), Just a Kiss (2002), Uptown Girls (2003), Don’t Come Knocking (2005), Sin City (2005), Grindhouse (2007), Nixon (1995), Warriors of Virtue (1997), and, most recently, A Perfect Getaway (2009), “Our Lady of Victory”, and Women in Trouble (2009)

Heather Graham or Heather Joan Graham was on born January 29th 1970 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is an American actress.Heather Graham  was raised by her strictly Catholic father, who worked for the FBI, and mother, a former school teacher and author. She and her sister, named Aimee Graham who is also an actress. Heather Graham had a passion for acting from an early age and despite being labeled a ‘theater geek’ by her peers, she was voted Most Talented by her high school senior class. Unfortunately, her love of acting created a tension between Heather Graham and her family although her mother obligingly drove her to auditions in Hollywood throughout her adolescence.  After high school Heather Graham moved to Los Angeles and received small roles in a variety of films including Drugstore Cowboy (1989). When her career did not take off as quickly as was hoped, Heather enrolled in the University of California at Los Angeles to get her degree in drama. It was at UCLA that she was noticed by actor James Woods and received a subsequent part in a film Woods starred in, Diggstown (1992). Heather Graham dropped out of UCLA after two years to pursue her acting career on a full time basis. Aside from gaining a modeling contract with Emanuel Ungaro Liberte, Heather has risen to star in such films as Swingers (1996), a role she received after being taken out swing dancing by Jon Favreau, to blockbusters like Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999), and Boogie Nights (1997). Heather Graham starred in a number of movies ranging from studio films to major films like Committed (2000), Say It Isn’t So (2001), Anger Management (2003), Mary (2005), Gray Matters (2007), The Hangover (2009) and The Hangover Part III (2013). She also had a role in the TV series Scrubs in 2004, before starring as the title character in the short-lived (one episode) Emily’s Reasons Why Not in 2006. Widely regarded as a sex symbol, she often appears in magazines’ Most Beautiful and Sexiest lists. Heather Graham is also a public advocate for Children International, and supported the climate change campaign Global Cool in 2007.

Actresses Heather Graham and Marley Shelton looks alike. Do not get confused with these two actresses in movies. Both women are blond and beautiful