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Gus1thego Gustav Rosted

Gustav Rosted who`s name is sometimes misspelled Gustav Roasted has been to 150 countries as a 28-year-old as of 2020 over a period of 7 years of lots of traveling. He is an adventurer and travel blogger. Gustav Rosted or Gustav Roasted as he is often called was born in Denmark. He has a travel blog on youtube called gus1thego where he video tapes he experience travelling the world visiting different countries. He youtube gus1thego is growing and becoming a very popular source for travellers seeking to visit these counties as gus1thego gives his review and rating in these places. Gustav Rosted who is fluent in english visit the main attractions and the places to go while visiting these places. He links can be found at

Travel blog:

Luka Dončić is a Slovenian professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks in the United States of American playing in the NBA.f the National Basketball Association and the Slovenian national team. Luka Doncic born in Ljubljana, Slovenia on February 28th 1999 . Luka Doncic stood out as a young player for Union Olimpija, before joining the youth academy of the Spanish club, Real Madrid. Luka Doncic became one the youngest MVP`s in the league in Europe. Luka Doncic father is Saša Dončić. His father was also a very great talent in basketball in the European basketball league. Saša Dončić coached Šentjur in the Slovenian League. Luka Dončić and his father Saša Dončić are both 6’7″ tall. Luka Doncic mother is Mirjam Poterbin she is often seen with him as they have a great relationship. Luka Doncic clearly got alot of his talent from his father Sasa Doncic. Luka Doncic in 2020 now only his 2nd NBA season is a NBA superstar and one of the leading scorers in the league.

Gustav Rosted a.k.a. Gus1thego and Luka Doncic share alot in common both are tall, from Europe and like to travel. They both like to smile and have similar features.

Jilly Anais DeJounte Murray

Masika Kalysha is most famously known for Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood LHHH on vh1 Masika Kalysha or rapper Fetty Wap ex girlfriend and baby mom. She is an urban model, video vixen and singer born in Chicago, Illinois on June 7th 1987. She is known for her appearances in numerous hip hop music videos for artists such as Flo Rida, Waka Flocka Flame and French Montana. 2015 Masika Kalysha released her single Andale featuring Fetty Wap. The single is different from Kalysha’s two previous single “No More” and “Hella Hollywood” in which both were released early spring 2015. Masika Kalysha single “Hella Hollywood” released May 2015 sampling the 1996 Fugees hit record Ready or Not. Masika Kalysha released her single “My Own” in the fall of 2016 singing about the relationship between her and rapper Fetty Wap. She released another single “OHHH3X” fall of 2017 featuring Trackdilla which premiered during episode 9 of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4.

Jilly Anais is a youtuber and skit actress. Her ex boyfriend is NBA player Dejounte Murray of the San Antonio Spurs. Jilly Anais now dates Deshaun Watson a quarterback for the Houston Texans in the NFL. Jilly Anais is known for her Vine videos and comedy skits with fellow youtube DDG. Jilly Anais an Instagram model is also a former Miss Teen Houston, Jilly Anais who had a debut to remember with EP The Juice produced by the LA Production duo The Invaders. Jilly Anais born 2nd January 1996, in Houston, Texas, USA. She attended acting class in Los Angeles in 2014. Troi irons did co-write Jilly’s single Afterparty, and Jilly got a chance to work with Lupe Fiasco, Timbaland, and Rita Ora.

LHHH Masika Kalysha look like Jilly Anais. They are famous people that look alike or as we like to say celebrity twins.