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Famke Janssen & Annabella Sciorra Celebrity twins

On the left is Famke Janssen and on the right is Annabella Sciorra.

Annabella Sciorra is an American film, television, and stage actress. She received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Female Lead for the 1989 film True Love, and came to widespread attention in her co-lead role in Spike Lee’s 1991 film Jungle Fever. She starred in the 1992 thriller The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, and received critical acclaim for her work in Cop Land. She received an Emmy nomination for her role as Gloria Trillo in the HBO series The Sopranos. Annabella Sciorra was born Annabella Gloria Philomena Sciorra in Brooklyn, New York to a housewife mother and a veterinarian father. Both her parents are Italian American, her father emigrated from Carunchio, Abruzzo, in 1951.

 Famke Beumer or Famke Beumer Janssen was born 5 th November 1965. She is a Dutch actress, director, screenwriter, and former fashion model. She is best known for playing Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye (1995), Jean Grey/Phoenix in the X-Men film series (2000–present), Ava Moore on Nip/Tuck, and Lenore Mills in Taken (2008) and its sequel, Taken 2 (2012). In 2008, she was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for Integrity by United Nations. She made her directorial debut with Bringing Up Bobby in 2011. Famke Beumer was born in Amstelveen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Her first name, Famke, means “girl” in West Frisian, the native language of the Dutch province Friesland. She has two sisters, director Antoinette Beumer and actress Marjolein Beumer. In addition to her native Dutch, Janssen speaks English and French. She also learned German, but has not kept up with it. Following her high school graduation, Janssen studied economics for a year at the University of Amsterdam, which she later called “the stupidest idea I ever had.” In the early 1990s, she enrolled at Columbia University to study creative writing and literature. Her first film was the crime drama Fathers & Sons (1992), where she played the love interest of Jeff Goldblum. Later, she became James Bond’s enemy in GoldenEye (1995) opposite Pierce Brosnan. Famke received strong critical acclaim for her electrifying performance as the femme fatale Xenia Onatopp. Her career has bloomed since then with her starring in such films as House on Haunted Hill (1999), a reoccurring role on FX’s Nip/Tuck (2003) and the blockbuster trilogy X-Men (2000), X-Men 2 (2003), and X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). Some also appeared in the 1998 movie The Faculty as Miss Elizabeth Burke.

Famke Janssen & Annabella Sciorra are celebrities that look alike. These two women have similar features which makes them able to be on FPTLA.

Kenyon Martin aka K-Mart vs Robert 50 Martin

On the left is Robert Martin aka 50 or Fifty while on the right in Kenyon Martin aka K-Mart.

Robert Martin was born January 6th 1973. He is better known by his nickname “50”. He is a streetballer who rose to fame during his years on the AND1 Mixtape Tour. He is 6’8″ tall and weighs 210 lbs. He was given the name “50” because people said he has a 50-inch vertical jump. Robert Martin, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, graduated from Tri-Cities High School in 1991. He attended Middle Georgia College from 1991 to 1993 before transferring to High Point College (now High Point University). In 1995 he joined the Atlanta Trojans of the USBL. From 1995 to 1998 he played in Europe, then in 1998 he played for the Rochester Skeeters of the IBA. In 2001, Martin was offered on a spot on the AND1 Tour. Robert Martin aka 50 is the cousin of NBA player Kenyon Martin.

Kenyon Martin was born on December 30 th 1977 his middle name is Lee. He was born in Saginaw, Michigan  to Lydia Moore, a single mother of two. He has a sister, Tamara, who is 3 1/2 years older. Due to the recession and the economy in Michigan at the time, Ms. Moore moved with her young children south to the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, where she worked two jobs. Later, Kenyon was often watched by his sister while their mother worked. He is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He previously played for the New Jersey Nets, Denver Nuggets, and Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA, and the Xinjiang Flying Tigers of China. Kenyon Martin is 6’9″ and 225 lbs, and was the first overall pick of the 2000 NBA Draft. He graduated from Bryan Adams High School in Dallas in 1996 (he was named to the school’s hall of fame in 2009). He went to the University of Cincinnati and played for the Cincinnati Bearcats under the direction of head coach Bob Huggins. Kenyon Martin suffered from Tourette syndrome a tic disorder which is characterized by tics of eye blinking, coughing, throat clearing, sniffing, stuttering and facial movements. During Kenyon Martin`s early career he was known for getting into fights and for frequent technical and flagrant foul. Kenyon Martin is a good offensive rebounder. He played along Jason Kidd a duo that was filled with spectacular passes and alley hoops. Under the New jersey Nets the duo of Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin took the Nets to NBA Finals twice the year 2002 and year 2003. Kenyon Martin was a NBA All-Star in 2004. Kenyon Martin is the half-brother of former Colorado Buffaloes standout guard Richard Roby. He is also the cousin of Robert “50” Martin of AND1 Mixtape Tour. Kenyon Martin has been active in support of non-profit The Stuttering Foundation of America since 2005, and in 2008 he was a recipient of the Freeing Voices, Changing Lives Leadership Award from the American Institute for Stuttering, for which he serves on the board of directors.

Kenyon Martin and Robert 50 Martin are look alike. This might be because they are actually cousins. They are cousins and share the same features.

Singer Jill Scott and actress Natalie Desselle look alike

Jill Scott on the left and Natalie Desselle on the right.

Natalie Desselle-Reid born July 12 th 1967 is an American actress. Natalie Desselle was born in Alexandria, Louisiana, the daughter of Thelma and Paul Desselle. She graduated from Peabody Magnet High School and attended Grambling State University. At Grambling she developed a deep interest in the theatre and appeared in several productions during her time there. Natalie Desselle looked up to Roseanne, Oprah and Whoopi. She started acting when Robi Reed cast her in F. Gary Gray’s “Set It Off” which led to a guest starring role on television’s “Family Matters”, ” B.A.P.S”, starring opposite Halle Berry. The films “How to be a Player”, “Cinderella” and televisions “Built to Last” and “For Your Love” followed. Natalie Desselle recently played Janie Egins on the television series Eve for three seasons.

Jill Scott born April 4, 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She grew up an only child in a North Philadelphia neighborhood, raised by her mother, Joyce Scott, and her grandmother. She indicated in an interview with Jet Magazine that she had a happy childhood and was “very much a loved child”. Scott was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and attended the Philadelphia High School for Girls. Jill Scott is a Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter, actress and poet. Since 1999, Scott has made a reputation for being a classic, thought provoking artist gained by her 2000 multi-platinum selling debut, Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1. Their followups Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2 released in 2004, and The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3 released in 2007 both achieved gold status. She made her cinematic debut in the films Hounddog and Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? in 2007. She also appeared as the lead role in the BBC/HBO series The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

Both Jill Scott and Natalie Desselle look alike. These women have brown skin and a curly afro puff.

Reality star E6 look like boxer David Haye

On the left is reality star E6 and on the right is boxer David Haye.

E6 who`s real name is Steven Calderon he was born and raised in New York City. He is of Dominican decent,being that I am a first generation American. E6 was born on June 14, 1985  and raised by his Dominican parents in Brooklyn,New York. He is best known from the MTV’s series “From G’s To Gents” (season 1). He placed 4th place runner up overald. The show is hosted by Fonzworth Bentley, and premiered on MTV on July 15, 2008. The objective of the show was to make the transformation from a roughneck to a sophisticated gentleman within the given time. In the end, Thaddeus aka Creepa was decided upon to be the most transformed and refined gentleman, winning the cash prize of $100,000 and membership in “The Gentleman’s Club.” A second season premiered on February 10, 2009. In the show From G’s to Gentswhich is a MTV reality television series misdirected young men sign up to change their lives and become gentlemen for a cash prize. E6 has turned out to be an aspiring rapper. He turned to music at the times he was most aggravated.  E6 has also acquired quite a large fanbase from his performances. He has done numerous tours and demonstrated his talents at various events, firm in his dream to make it in the music industry. He dreams of being heard, and has always kept on working on his songs to finally produce an album of his own. E6 also admits to having enough business ideas that might prove to be a success. With his natural competitiveness and life experiences that molded him, E6 has become more determined to have the chance to shine. At the age of 22, he has already made a name for himself in hip hop, and owes it to everything life has brought him.

David Haye also known as David “The Hayemaker” Haye was born on 13th October 1980. He is an English professional boxer from London and former WBA heavyweight champion. He is also the former unified world cruiserweight champion, holding the WBA, WBC, WBO, and The Ring cruiserweight titles, and the former European cruiserweight champion. David Haye fought Wladimir Klitschko in a heavyweight unification fight for the WBA, IBF, WBO and The Ring heavyweight titles, the fight taking place at the Imtech Arena, Hamburg, Germany on 2 July 2011. This was the only heavyweight unification fight since Wladimir Klitschko and Sultan Ibragimov fought back in 2008. It was then when Wladimir Klitschko beat Ibragimov and added his WBO title to his IBF title. Klitschko defeated Haye by a unanimous decision to become the unified WBA Super, IBF, WBO, and The Ring heavyweight champion. Haye had a broken toe that allegedly inhibited him from pushing off his back foot during the fight, and showed little or none of his usual explosiveness in the ring. The official scores were: 118-108, 117-109 & 116-110, which were all in favour of Klitschko. Following the fight Vitali Klitschko and Dereck Chisora after the loss to WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, Dereck Chisora got into a brawl with compatriot David Haye at the post-fight press conference. Klitschko’s manager Bernd Boente said “with the bad experience we’ve had with British fighters we will now look for other countries”. He then told Haye from the dais “You had an offer, you didn’t accept it, now you are out. You are out. You cannot talk yourself back into the fight, you have no belts.” Chisora then called out Haye, but Haye dismissed Chisora as “a loser”. Chisora challenged Haye to tell him that to his face and approached Haye sparking a melee with Haye throwing the first punch with what appeared to be a glass bottle in his hand, as the brawl progressed Haye was seen swinging a camera tripod. After order was restored, a furious Chisora stated multiple times that he would “shoot” David Haye and claimed Haye “glassed” him. Haye’s manager Adam Booth emerged from the fracas with a facial wound and Chisora suggested to Booth that Haye hit him with a bottle by mistake while Booth insisted it was one of Chisora’s entourage that had hit him with a bottle . On 8 May 2012, Haye and his promotion team announced that he would fight against Dereck Chisora at Boleyn Ground, Upton Park, London on 14 July 2012. The announcement caused controversy as neither held a British Boxing Licence, and so had agreed a licence deal with the Luxembourg Boxing Association. Seen as a direct attempt to undermine the British Boxing Board of Control, it meant that fights could take place in Britain even if a boxer was facing disciplinary action. David Haye won the fight with a fifth round stoppage in front of over 35,000 spectators. Knocked to the floor in the fifth round, receiving a count of eight, Chisora recovered only to be floored again in the same round. Referee Luis Pabon decided Chisora was unable to continue signalling the end of the contest

David Haye and E6 look alike. The have to same skin color, skin texture and very similar facial features and hair.