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 Matthew McConaughey and Chris Masterpiece Masters look alike

On the left is Actor Matthew McConaughey  and on the right is WWE wrestler Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters.

Actor Matthew McConaughey is the youngest son of a gas station owner, who ran an oil pipe supply business and mother – substitute school teacher, Matthew McConaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas, but grew up in Longview, Texas where he graduated from the local High School (1988). Showing little interest in his father’s oil business, which his two brothers later joined, Matthew was longing for a change of scenery, and spent a year in Australia, washing dishes and shoveling chicken manure. Back to the States, he attended the University of Texas in Austin, originally wishing to be a lawyer. But, when he discovered an inspirational Og Mandino book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” before one of his final exams, he suddenly knew he had to change his major from law to film. He began his acting career in 1991, appearing in student films and commercials in Texas and directed short films as Chicano Chariots (1992). Once, in his hotel bar in Austin, he met the casting director and producer Don Phillips, who introduced him to director Richard Linklater for his next project. He is widley known for his films: A Time to Kill (1996); How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003); Dazed and Confused (1993); Fool’s Gold (2008); and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009).

Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters who`s real name is Christopher Mordetzky is an American professional wrestler known by his ring name Chris “The Masterpiece” Masters. He is best known for his career with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Chris Masters was born on January 8, 1983 in Santa Monica, California. He is 6′ 5″. he gain the nickname “The Masterpiece” in the WWE for his tremendous physique which was very muscular and well built.

Matthew McConaughey and Chris Masters are celebrity twins or as we like to put it famous people that look alike. Their facial structure, body language and hair color make that look like cousins, siblings or some kind or relative.

michael madsen and john cusack celebrity twin look alikes

Michael Madsen on the left and John Cusack on the right.

Michael Madsen is best known for his gangster roles in movies while John Cusack is more known for his nice guy cool image roles in movies.

Michael Madsen was born on September 25, 1957. He has starred in central roles in such films as Reservoir Dogs, Free Willy, Piranhaconda, Donnie Brasco and Kill Bill, in addition to a supporting role in Sin City. Madsen is also credited with voice work in several video games, including Grand Theft Auto III, True Crime: Streets of L.A., DRIV3R, Dishonored and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. In January 2012, Madsen was a housemate in the British reality show Celebrity Big Brother 9. Madsen was born in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Elaine (née Melson), an Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker, poet and playwright, and Calvin Madsen, a firefighter. Madsen’s mother left a career in corporate business to pursue a writing career. Madsen’s paternal grandparents were Danish and his mother has English, Irish, Scottish, German, and Native American ancestry.  His sister is actress Virginia Madsen, and he also has an older sister, Cheri. Madsen’s acting career began at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, where he served as an apprentice under actor John Malkovich.

John Paul Cusack  born June 28, 1966 is an American actor, producer, and screenwriter. He has appeared in films such as Say Anything…, Grosse Pointe Blank, High Fidelity, Con Air, Being John Malkovich, 1408, Must Love Dogs, 2012, Martian Child, America’s Sweethearts, and The Butler. Cusack was born in Evanston, Illinois, to a Catholic Irish-American family. His mother, Ann Paula “Nancy” (née Carolan), is a former mathematics teacher and political activist. His father, Richard Cusack (1925–2003), was an actor, as are John’s siblings, Ann, Joan, Bill, and Susie. His father was also a documentary filmmaker, owned a film production company, and was a friend of activist Philip Berrigan. Cusack spent a year at New York University before dropping out, saying that he had “too much fire in belly”.

Both Michael Madsen and John Cusack crew up in Chicago, Illinois both have dark or black hair and both are of Irish ancestry.

Pornstar Prince Yahshua look like Pastor Donnie McClurkin

On the left is pornstar Prince Yahshua while on the right is Donnie McClurkin a pastor.

Pornstar Prince Yahshua is the CEO of Silver Back Ent Inc. and 3 times Urban X’s Male Perfromer Of The Year. On August 23, 2010, pornstar Yahshua sustained a penile fracture during a shoot with Bethany Benz for West Coast Productions. He was rushed to Encino Hospital Medical Center and received emergency surgery. It was initially diagnosed as a career-ending injury, but doctors later informed Yahshua that he would be able to resume working after sixty days. He received financial support from West Coast Productions during that time. His penis injury was widespread on the internet after his penis accident.

Donnie McClurkin is an gospel singer and pastor. He has won three Grammy awards, ten Stellar awards, two BET awards, two Soul Train awards, one Dove award and one NAACP Image award for his work.

Both Prince Yahshua and minister Donnie McClurkin look alike they can certainly past as brothers, relatives or even twins but they are not the same people.

Donna Red and Ginna Torres famous look alikes

On the left is porn star Donna Red while on the right is actress Gina Torres.

Donna Red is a Porn Star from United States. She was born in Fort Worth, Texas on February 27, 1980. Donna Red is active and is still making movies, doing live shows and/or doing photo shoots. Her aliases are: Donna Reid, Danna Red, Erika Kane.

Gina Torres born April 25, 1969 is a television and movie actress. She has appeared in many television series, including Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (as Nebula), Xena: Warrior Princess (as Cleopatra), the short-lived Cleopatra 2525, as well as Alias (as Anna Espinosa), Firefly (as series regular Zoe Washburne), Angel (as Jasmine), 24 (as Julia Miliken), The Matrix sequels in a supporting role, and The Shield. She also starred in the independent film South of Pico as the fragile waitress Carla. Currently, she has a main role on the USA Network show Suits as Jessica Pearson. She had a main role in the movie I Think I Love My Wife (2007) starring Chris Rock where she played his wife.

Donna Red and Gina Torres are famous people that look alike. Both have Latin in their blood line. They both have a broad smile, with dark straight curly hair and light brown butterscotch skin tone color.

Katherine Heigl and Laura Prepon celebrity twins

On the left is Katherine Heigl and on the right is Laura Prepon.

Katherine Marie Heigl was born November 24, 1978. She is an American actress and film producer. She is possibly best known for her role as Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens on ABC’s medical drama Grey’s Anatomy from 2005 to 2012, for which she won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2007. She has also starred in films such as Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, Killers, Life As We Know It and New Year’s Eve, among others.

Laura Prepon born March 7, 1980 is also an American actress, known for her role as Donna Pinciotti in the long-running Fox sitcom That ’70s Show, for all eight seasons. She is also known for the role of Hannah Daniels on the ABC drama October Road. She has voiced characters in animated TV series such as American Dad! and King of the Hill, as well as a character in the video game Halo 2.

Following That ’70s Show, Prepon worked mainly in television, guest-starring in episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Medium, and Castle. In 2011, Prepon was cast in the lead role of Chelsea in the short-lived sitcom drama Are You There, Chelsea?, based on Chelsea Handler’s 2008 book Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea. She portrays Alex Vause in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

Katherine Heigl and Laura Prepon famous white women actress who look alike. They both have blonde hair and a similar facial structure.

Noureen Dewulf vs Parminder Nagra are famous look alikes with Indian blood

On the left is Noureen Dewulf and on the right is Parminder Nagra.

Parminder Nagra was born 5 October 1975. Her parents emigrated from India to the UK in the ’60s. She speaks fluent Punjabi. Her father is a bookkeeper and her mother works in a factory. She has three younger siblings. Her breakthrough crossover role in America and the United Kingdom was Bend It Like Beckham (2002), which was a big box-office hit. In Bend It Like Beckham (2002), her character Jess’ scar was actually not part of the original script. It was added in based on a real scar Nagra has on her leg. Her pants caught fire when she was young, she was placed in a tub of water so the fabric stuck to the skin. When the fabric was removed it pulled a great deal of skin with it, causing the scarring. A portrait of Parminder Nagra, painted by Stuart Pearson Wright, hangs in London’s National Portrait Gallery. On 11 July 2007 she was awarded an Honorary DLitt (Doctor of Letters) from Leicester University. Leicester is her home town.

Noureen DeWulf was born in New York City to Indian Gujarati parents from Pune. Noureen DeWulf was on born February 28, 1984.She grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Actress Noureen DeWulf was born in New York and raised in Georgia. Her parents are from Pune, India. She was educated at Boston University’s School of the Arts. One of DeWulf’s first roles was in the Oscar winning short West Bank Story (2005). Acting success continued with roles in TV hits such as “CSI: NY” (2004), “Numb3rs” (2005), “Outsourced” (2010) and “Hawthorne” (2009). Feature film projects include Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009). In 2012, DeWulf was cast alongside Charlie Sheen in the TV series “Anger Management” (2012).

Noureen Dewulf and Parminder Nagra are famous celebrities who look alike. Both come from Indian ancestry and both are good actresses. Although both Noureen Dewulf and Parminder Nagra have portrayed gay/lesbian roles in movies they are both straight and prefer men. Noureen DeWulf married Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller. While Parminder Nagra gave birth to her first child at age 33, the child’s father is her ex-husband, James Stenson.

Warren Buffett vs Andy Rooney FPTLA

Billionaire Warren Buffett is on the left while the late Andy Rooney of 60 minutes is on the right.

Andrew Aitken “Andy” Rooney was an American radio and television writer. He was most notable for his weekly broadcast “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney,” a part of the CBS News program 60 Minutes from 1978 to 2011.

Warren Buffett is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He was born August 30, 1930. He is widely considered the most successful investor of the 20th century. He is a billionaire with a net worth of more than $50 Billion dollars.

Anna Paquin vs Randy Harrison famous look alikes


Anna Paquin Randy and Harrison look alike sister and brother. On the left is Anna Paquin and on the right is Randy Harrison.

Anna Helene Paquin a Canadian-born New Zealand actor first acting role was the movie The Piano. She was
well known for her role as Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO series True Blood.

Randy Harrison is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Justin Taylor on the Showtime drama Queer as Folk. Randy Harrison off the TV screen is openly gay.